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Nerd 2

  • Nerd 2
  • Nerd 2
Shearwater NERD 2

The Shearwater NERD 2 is an advanced hands-free technical diving computer for open and closed circuit divers .

  • Depth, time and oxygen sensor display
  • Bühlmann decompression model with gradient factors conservatism
  • Optional VPM-B decompression model
  • Imperial and metric displays
  • Available in Standalone, Fischer and DiveCAN models
  • Any combination of oxygen, nitrogen, and helium (Air, Nitrox, Trimix)
  • Open and closed circuit, switchable during a dive External (EXT) PPO2 monitoring from 1, 2 or 3 cells
  • Internal PPO2 mode with 2 set-points, each of which can be set between .4 and 1.5
  • Two PPO2 set-points, each of which can be set between .4 and 1.5
  • Automatic PPO2 set-point switching (configurable) 5 CC and 5 OC gases
  • Gases can be changed and added during a dive
  • CNS tracking
  • No lockout from violating deco stops
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery providing up to 18 hours of dive time
  • Tilt compensated digital compass
  • 1000 hour dive log memory
  • Log downloads and firmware upgrades using Bluetooth
  • A menu system that adapts to diving status
  • Dual-transmitter Air integration
  • Auto turn-off after 15 minutes on the surface
  • Depth sensor rated to 140msw (450 fsw)


Nerd 2


Nerd 2 Fisher


Nerd 2 Divecan


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